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About OneOpinion

We're on a mission to make it easy to share your opinions and earn rewards.

Gathering consumer opinions from surveys is the foundation of how many of the products and services that are used every day were created! OneOpinion members have answered hundreds of thousands of online surveys, influencing how companies create and improve their brands, and make important business decisions.

We are committed to putting our member’s needs first and value the time and cooperation of everyone who participates in our surveys. We work hard to make it simple for you have interesting survey opportunities, earn rewards and cash out fast.

Meet the founders

Hugh Davis


Hugh co-founded OneOpinion in 2011 with the simple vision of creating the best survey website out there. Aside from making sure our members are always treated with respect and care, you can find him training for a triathlon.

Keith Price


Keith co-founded OneOpinion in 2011 with the goal of creating an online survey company that members can trust. That’s why he is always looking for ways to improve the member experience at OneOpinion. If it was up to him, the OneOpinion HQ would be on a boat!

Recent Member Reviews

Here's why OneOpinion is different from other survey sites...

Fast Rewards

No more waiting! After you complete a survey, points are instantly loaded into your account. And there are lots of great ways to use your points, including PayPal and Visa gift cards for fast payment.


Every time you hear from us, we'll explain what is needed, how much time it will take and how much you will earn. In return, we expect our members to take time to answer surveys honestly and thoughtfully – it's a win-win situation!

24/7 Care

We are passionate about taking care of our members! If you ever need an answer, we want to hear from you! Our Member Services team is always available to help any day or time.

Meet The Team

Julee F.

Julee is passionate about creating the best member experience at OneOpinion. She strives to ensure members are treated fairly, feel important and are proud to be part of the OneOpinion community. Aside from improving the member experience, she’s currently tasting her way through different meal subscription services! And when she’s not cooking, Julee enjoys traveling and singing karaoke. Her go-to karaoke song is “Love Will Keep Us Together” by Captain & Tennille.

Favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni and jalapeños

Marie P.

Marie loves interacting with members daily, especially when it’s on the phone. Her favorite time of year is the summer because it means she can ride her bike to work.

Favorite pizza topping? Hawaiian

Todd B.

Todd is better known as the "Jack of All Trades" at OneOpinion. Whether he’s organizing a team bonding activity or programming a survey, he does it all! His favorite hobby is preparing his derby car for the next demolition derby.

Favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni and mushroom

Alex P.

Alex believes OneOpinion members are like a box of crayons. Each one is different from the others, but put them together and they create a rainbow! He is not great at making balloon animals, or even tying knots in balloons in general, but he actively is looking to improve his skills.

Favorite pizza topping? Buffalo chicken, all day every day

Jennifer L.

Jennifer ensures our members receive quality service and transparency. She’s always up for a challenge and is an expert at resolving conflicts with patience. At home, she can be found whipping up delicious baked treats and staying active.

Favorite pizza topping? Buffalo chicken

Sid S.

Sid is OneOpinion’s digital guru whose talents lie in user-interface and design. He has a true craftsmanship for bringing an idea to fruition. As a tech geek, Sid is always informing the team on the hottest gadgets and trends. No one at OneOpinion has yet to beat him in the weekly FitBit steps challenge.

Favorite pizza topping? Chicago deep dish

Brenda M.

Brenda is OneOpinion’s marketing genius. Without her razor sharp ideas and insight, OneOpinion wouldn’t be what it is today. She knows how to brings things full circle- and we don’t just mean in marketing. Watch out for her on the tennis court, she has a mean serve and isn’t afraid to use it!

Favorite pizza topping? Spinach and artichoke

Aileen C.

Aileen is the "social butterfly" at OneOpinion. She comes up with fun and engaging Facebook posts for the OneOpinion page. If she’s not hash-tagging and tweeting, she’s probably drinking a pumpkin spiced latte or blasting Taylor Swift in her apartment.

Favorite pizza topping? It’s a tie between veggie and pesto chicken

Cameron S.

Cameron works behind the scenes at OneOpinion. He works on the technology team to ensure our members experience quality and ease while taking surveys. In college, he programmed and designed his very own adventure computer game.

Favorite pizza topping? Chicken Bacon Ranch

Kelly O.

Kelly's favorite question to ask members is who their favorite sports team is (her's is the Cleveland Cavaliers). A natural competitor at heart, she’s always up for a challenge at OneOpinion- whether it be how to increase member retention or beating Angie in friendly game of office ping pong.

Favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni

Zack B.

Zack is the creative mastermind behind branding at OneOpinion. He has an eye for good design and is constantly finding ways to improve the look, feel and user experience of In his spare time, he enjoys running with his pup Roxy and hitting the slopes during the winter.

Favorite pizza topping? I like to keep it simple- tomato and basil

Lisa F.

Lisa manages OneOpinion's checks and balances. Without her, bills would go unpaid and rewarding our members would be much harder. She believes life is better by the water and that anything can be cured with some "Vitamin Sea!"

Favorite pizza topping? Broccoli and chicken

Kevin L.

Kevin is a seasoned software developer who leads the technology team at OneOpinion. Sometimes we think he can write code with his eyes closed if he had to, that’s how good he is at it!

Favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni

Angie C.

Angie joined OneOpinion during college and we are pleased she’s stayed on the team over the years! She’s an excellent multitasker- balancing being a full-time student, highly involved on campus and dedicated to Member Care.

Favorite pizza topping? Margherita

Neil B.

Neil works with the technology team to ensure our member's rewards are tracked and that they are paid in real-time. He's caught the travel bug and there's no stopping him! He always comes back with a great story and breathtaking photos to show the team.

Favorite pizza topping? Margherita

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We are available anytime you need us.

Whenever you have any questions or suggestions, just reach out to anyone on our team. Call the toll free number, send us an email, post on Facebook, whatever works best for you.